Iran is asafe country. Due to rich cultureIranian people will help you in difficult situations. In comparison with other countriesthere is less theft in this country. Food and water is safe.




In general Iran is much safer than many from the West might believe. Most people are genuinely friendly and interested to know about you and your country, so leave aside your preconceptions and come with an open mind. Iran is still a relatively low-crime country. But you must pay attention to some points in any destination. Keep your wits about you, and take the usual precautions against pickpockets in crowded bazaars and buses.

110 is the telephone number of the local Police control center, it is probably easiest to phone 110, as the local police have direct contact with other emergency services, and will probably be the only number with English speaking operators. Other Emergency Services are also available via 115 for Ambulances and 125 for the Fire and Rescue team (these numbers are frequently answered by the Ambulance or Fire crew operating from them. The international number 112 is available from cell phones, and will usually connect you to the Police.
Stay healthy
Iran has state-of-the-art medical facilities in all its major cities. Apart from being up to date with your usual travel vaccinations no special preparation is needed for travel to Iran.

In general, Iranians are warm, friendly and generous individuals with a strong interest in foreigners and other cultures. Like any other culture, Iranian culture has some unwritten regulation and limitation but these limitations can be fun for the foreign tourist who is assured to go back to the normal conditions after the stay.